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I realized, belatedly, that he needed a bit more definition for such a multifandom place, so here you go.
He looks like thus:

He has another pair of black wings at his hips tucked under the coat.
He's 6'1" tall, from after Kingdom Hearts II, and has green cat eyes.

As for any preferences, well.

He is not a sane man. He is unpredictable and just as liable to give you slightly creepy CR as he is to do you up against a wall. He -is- violent at random bursts, and he's not particularly one to care of his partner is willing to actually -agree- to anything he wants to do to them from minute to minute. Not to say he's a raving madman, he's quite capable of being gentle as long as you don't upset him. I simply mean to say I wish you luck getting a hold of that portion of him and it's not wise to count on it.

He's incredibly strong and does use magic! Fire, Ice, Cure (Which is a healing spell for the uninformed) as well as several others that he uses less often. He also has a form of teleportation he can use. If you're wondering about his levels in terms of most other characters, he's an optional boss in his game that I, as a player, have never managed to beat in spite of beating every other boss in the game. He's incredibly strong and can bend metal with his bare hands, so please take that into account if you get into a fight with him.

I -do- make sure that he takes hits where needed, and I've had a bit of godmoding directed at him by significantly weaker characters. If you're not sure, please message me! I have them on.

If you need proof of how insane fighting with him can be, I direct you to this video, note, at the end, he's not -hurt-. And he has 15 health bars:

As the mun, I have no holds barred on what he does, or what I let people do to him, so if you want him to avoid doing something, please warn me so that I can do my best to curb whatever it might be. He most definitely doesn't discriminate based on gender, even if he does have a bias toward men. I've found he's very mean to women if they don't live up to his standards, but once you're in, you're in.

Canonmates adored for him, of course, but anyone is always welcome to poke him. Lastly, if you want any particular Darkness or Light leanings to be sensed by him, let me know, otherwise I'll just go with whatever he feels like telling me in game play. AKA, if he's not KH I'll take a guess based on my own observances.

Thank you for reading and don't be afraid to ask me questions~!

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